Words influence us! They make us feel and think.
Words are the most powerful tool to persuade and influence not just YOU or ME but CUSTOMERS!


YOU want to make more money!You are probably asking yourself, how will I help you with that? It's pretty simple, really.
Working with me, your emails will lead to the following:


The most crucial part of any email you write is the ability to catch someone's attention. The content inside is useless if you can't get people to open your email.


Great, we caught the customer's attention. Now we have to maintain their attention by keeping them interested. Interested to know what this is all about. Thus the craving to read on!


Interest is not enough! If we want our prospects to buy, they need more than just interest. They need to desire our offer. A beautiful picture will be painted in the customer's mind. An image that lets them imagine how your product can improve their life!


All of the previously mentioned steps are cool and handy. BUT they are ultimately futile if we don't get the customer to buy. All we need is a good incentive for them to go through with the transaction.


WE SELL YOU by using the power of well-written and, more importantly CONVINCING copy!
Using the blueprint I laid out before we will skyrocket the sales YOUR emails achieve.
The best copy will sell YOUR narrative and PRODUCT. A good copywriter will do that for you. Good copy is compelling, simple to read, and paints a picture in your customer's head. After my email is done with them, they won't be able to imagine a life without your product :D
I guarantee desire. Desire in your customers for your product and all its benefits.
A more desirable product means more sales.

About Me

My name is Wolf BierbrauerI am a determined, ambitious freelance copywriter. I specialize in email marketing and email campaign strategies.
I wanna work with you to help build a stronger brand and better communication with your customers. I intend to close the gaps in the market and bring a fresh and unique perspective to the art of branding and marketing.
I want to help YOU get the most out of your marketing.

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